a small eatery in edgware mainly for takeaway

Authentic Srilankan & South Indian food

Rice & Curry is a small but popular takeaway & catering outfit. We serve top notch food which is moderately priced. Our popular dishes are varieties of rice, a wide array of vegetable &meat curries and many popular snacks.

We sell Srilankan drinks such as mango, wood apple, nelli amla & other awesome drinks. The Srilankan sweets are delicious as are our cakes & pastries. Our seasoned chips and mutton rolls are quite popular in the area.

Rice & Curry

Fresh Breakfast

Fresh Breakfast

Home made, Traditional

Variety Snacks

Our home made snacks are a hit with the locals and we have a dedicated fan following for this alone. The mutton rolls, vegetable patties, fish buns and the traditional Kolukkattai are really popular. The secret is in our recipes and the preparation method is the same as the age old ones followed in our homes.

Check out our menu for varieties of delicious snacks. You are sure to find yours and your family members' favourite ones there.

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